Measurement on YZ400

I made some modifications to my subframe and my seat to get the seat a little lower. Unfortunately I did not get any baseline measurements, and I am wondering how much of a difference it made. Would someone with a YZ400 (or 426 if it is the same) with a stock seat take a measurement from the footpegs to the seat (see correction below). Just put a yard stick on the footpeg itself, hold it vertically and let me know the distance to the seat. I would appreciate it!

Edit to change the requested measurement location - Measure from the Tab/bracket on the frame where the sub frame mounts, straight up vertically to the seat.

Nobody can help me out? Come on guys, it will benefit everyone who posts "How can I lower my bike" threads.

i have a 400..... but i have a lowered/shved seat on it. i can post that up but you prolly have that. mine had a tall seat on it stock, so i have never had a stock seat at all....iirc the shorter seat was 2" shorter than the tall seat.


btw with the short seat i can actually touch at 5'6"

Thanks for the reply, but your in the same situation I am! Did you lower your suspension at all? I have considered trying to get another inch or so out of the suspension, but the seat shaving helped quite a bit. But go ahead and post up your measurement and maybe even a photo! I measured from the tab/bracket on the frame that the subframe mounts to (that appears to be directly below the lowest part of my seat) and it looked to be around 17 1/4". From the ground to that same part of the seat, it was right around 35 1/4". From the foot peg straight up, it was 20", but that's not the lowest point on my seat.

ill throw a tape on it tonight. there is a pix in my garage of the bike with the seat on it. i did not lower the susp at all.

i have almost the same specs as yours, if i mse right over the subframe mounting tab from the ground to the lowest part of the seat i am just a hair over 35". the seat that was on mine when i got it was atleast 2.5" taller that what is on it now

btw my manual say the stock seat height is 39.3 "

that would be like being on stilts....

i tried pix's but you could not read the yard stick


Measuring from the ground is a crapshoot because it take into account the sag which can be adjusted totally differently from one bike to another. You probably have yours set similar to mine since we appear to be similar size. Hopefully someone with a stock seat will post their measurement from the tab to the seat so that suspension is not factored in. For now, I am gonna go ride it!

hey fundgh i got your pm from the peg to the top of the seat mine is 22 inches im pretty sure that its the stock seat it doesnt look shaved and everything else is stock. this bike seems low to me though i have a 92 yz250 that used to be an open dezert racing bike and its alot higher but it mihgt just be the way the sus was set up

Thanks for measuring! So I may have dropped it as much as 2 inches between shaving the seat foam and ovaling out the subframe holes.

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