UK DRZ 400

Slow or what?

My brother in law has a 2002 enduro ,his brother has a 2001 ,there top road speeds are 80 mph and 70 mph .

My 2000 wr 400 is about 20\25 mph faster and also out accelerates them both ,

Apart from electric start or a yellow fettish why buy one .

This is probably a more appropriate post to make these comments about my DR650SE; and you are SO right!

posted May 02, 2002 07:51 PM


Hey BFLee, I have your princess' twin sister. Must be the ugly twin, though it has only one scratch, I can't find her a good home...

What DO you do with orphaned Suzi Q's? Suzuki should recall them for falsely advertising and disguising them as "dual sport". I know the DR400 is supposed to be for real, but I'll never buy another Suzi Q just because they screwed me once, and that is too often.

I geared it WAY down: I still get nervous at the 100mph mark as the big front fender starts para-sailing the front wheel! Torque is a joke: with an engine 13 times smaller, my kid kicks my butt. Handlebars are useless: on the easiest track they have NO effect at all when you encounter such tricky situations as a gentle corner...It's really embarrassing when QUAD riders comment how heavy it is when they stop to lift it off you...

I still can't sell it! You think it's my sales pitch? Are you interested in a CHEAP,typical factory dual sport, Mr. AMA-if-you-can't-do-it-on-this-you-should-find-a-different-sport-Royce Woods?


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