How does the WR do in sand?

Hey Guys, I'm going down to the sand dunes to ride this weekend. I've ridden ATV's in the sand but never a bike. I have a 2000 WR400. How does it do in sand? Do I need a paddle or are the regular dirt tires sufficient? If I do need a paddle, do I also need a front mohawk or is the regular front tire ok?

Also, anything I need to know when taking the rear tire off? It looks like I can just remove the main bolt, remove the brake caliper and then take the chain off. Am I missing anything else? Thanks for any help you can give....sorry for the flurry of questions.

do a search on crank case venting.

Have fun roosting

i LOVE bikes in the sand! both my 99 and 07 have seen a million (well almost) miles of the dunes. if your running a knobbie drop the pressure to 8 and 8, no need for a paddle unless you get serious about duning (i have a whole spare wheel and i havn't modded anything on either bike because of the sand and have yet to have any problems. Have fun!

Thanks for the tips MaxPower and redswr.

I run a 400 in sand on knobbies. Just keep the tyre pressure down 8-10 psi and you will do fine 99% of the time. Going to a paddle for the remaining 1% just isn't worth it.

I have routed my breather into the airbox, if you haven't done this I suggest you do (see threads in the forum on this - some good ones in the YZ forum)

I've run mine as is in the sand. She runs loose for sure but it's fun. Prefer dirt but the sand is fine too.

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