Does 1995 XR600 stator have enough output for baha design kit?

I am in the beginning stages of dual sporting my 95 XR600r. I have been told this is expensive and time consuming. Has anyone else done this and is the stator going to work or am I going to need a different one. Will the XR600 make a better dual sport over the XR650L? I know it's 60lbs. lighter.

Thank you

yes I ran the kit with a stock 1989 stator for years. The turn signals would slow down a little but if you use LED signals there is no issue. The new BD kit has an LED tail lamp so that is even less draw.

The 1989 stator is supposedly "unreliable" but I never had an issue either.

Mines stock in my 95 but i have a nicad battery under the seat to make up for what the stator does not put out.

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