98 WR 400 swingarm to a 99 and newer???

I have a 98 wr 400 a few years ago I had a house fire and am now trying to put it back together. I want to put different rims on it but have heard about the 20 and 22mm spacers now could I just do a swap on the swing arm to a newer one. I would appreciate if someone could tell me this

I'm not sure, but I am looking into using the rear axle from a '98 with spacers and chain adjustment blocks on my '02 WR 426, as irecently picked up a spare set of rims tires, but found after that they were the older ones... I already looked into machining the hub to accept the larger brgs, but there is not enough meat left to machine... may be a possibility for you to have some work done to your "newer" hubs to accept the smaller brgs though... just another thought?!?!?

Good luck, and I'll let you know if it works for me... as it may be an option for you...


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