07 WR450 cut out in wet conditions

Bike has been running great after the AIS kit, Dr. D pipe and other usuall mods. Went riding tonite on muddy and wet track and blew the fuse for starter and it started to cut out alot and backfire(never did this in dry weather). Love the bike but is there something getting wet that i can cover to keep it from cutting out. Thanks.

Hi there do you still have the key ignition on it

never herd of this before so im going to recomend a big tube of di-electric grease . hit every connection with it .

A friends bike got water in the kill switch and it was cutting out and backfiring. Disassembled the switch, sealed it up better and no more problems. Check out the kill switch for any tears in the button rubber etc. Just a thought. -- WR Dave.

i had a little issue with this too.

i just cleaned up all the electrical connections with some compressed air and a brush, and applied some dielectric grease on the fittings. solved the issue for me.

if you do that, and check all your switch housings - you'll track it down.

Thanks for the help, cleaned and greased and have no more problems. Thanks again.

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