GYTR Quiet Slip On Exhaust

I have the GYTR Quiet Slip On Exhaust on my 07 YZ 450F. If anyone else is running this exhaust, did yours come with a USFS approved spark arrestor? The Yamaha website states that this exhaust comes with the spark arrestor, but I do not have it installed on mine and my dealer is acting like a box of rocks when it comes to finding and ordering one.

The website has a replacement spark arrestor listed, but says it is for GYTR exhausts with a one piece end cap. I think the Quiet Slip On is a 2 piece.

I like the exhaust and do not want to go out and spend another $400.00 on another exhaust just to get a spark arrestor.

Signed - FRUSTRATED.:thumbsup:

I have one on my 05 and it came with the spark arrestor. Maybe you should try a different dealer and see if they're selling it with the spark arrestor. If they are, you know your current dealer is giving you the run around.

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