anyone break 100mph on there wr?

yesterday my buddy was cleaning his garage and found a 48 tooth sprocket that was off his old rm250.when i told him my bike uses a rm sprocket[i have talon hubs]he came with the idea to go do a topspeed test.after about a hour of him talking sh;;;; that theres no way i could break the 100mph.i decided it was time to teach him and his ktm400 a i bolted on sprocket my gearing 15\48 and went up freeway.i have trail tech computer and he also clocked me with his car.well after 4 attempts my topspeed was 94mph.i think i could of made 100mph. engine was still pulling but i couldnt keep the the front end about 85mph the front tire starts lifting off ground and 90 it started getting a little headshake by 94 i had death grip on handlebars and stained bad as i wanted to show him up i just didnt have the guts to muscle thru headshake.i think i might of had chance if i had dot mich. m12's are the best freeway tires.

15/42 bumping the rev limiter, I believe that I am not the first to bust the century mark.

how did your bike handle at that the way i live in so. city we did test on 280 near skyline.with sfo for name im sure you are familar with that area

I did on my WR426, it as a 15/40 gearing, and is on 17" wheels. Started to get a bit wobbly though

165 kph uk bike, very light front end front fender acts as a wing.

If you pull it up on a wheelie, I think that should stop the hi-speed wobble :)

i ran 15/48 and hit the rev limiter so quick my head nodded forward. very stable.

i've no idea what it could pull. with that much power you could do with a 6 speed box with the 6th gear tacked on the top end. you can't make a 5 speed box wide enough.

anyway, where do you stop?



road tyres?

no front mudguard off?

even the gearing within itself. gearing that you would still dirt ride with? or just road gearing?


Just changed my front sproket, am now running 12/50

140 kph sensable or what ?

98WR400, yz timing, 15/46 gearing, 100-101mph on knobbys on pavement, timed with gps/panoram/against car.

Anybody run theirs at the dragstrip yet??

Looking to make a trip to the strip this year. 5 years ago ran the xr650l, best time 13.70s.

ive run 15/48 on my 98 wr since day dot, if you believe the original speedo's it will do 170km/hr but i dont realy believe that. at a desert race last year i ran 15/42 and it hauled that easily but a mate on his 00 yz 426 ran 16/42 and did that thing fly!!!! on a rough track slight uphill and head wind the fastest speeds of the day on the police speed trap was 165km/hr by a KTM 620/640 was hard to pull high speeds on the dirt

Been off the site for a while - just flickin' through a few threads.

I bought my 99 secondhand. The clown who owned it first had it all kitted out with road tires - it had never seen rain never mind mud. My brother followed me back in the car up the M6 (big highway through Birmingham for all you non-English) although I lost sight of him and thought he'd overtaken me.

Got home, no sign of my brother!! 10 minutes later he turns up. Turns out he didn't want to get caught for speeding trying to keep up with me cause I was doing over 100mph.

The bike had no speedo, I'd only just picked it up and didn't know what it should feel like - it just felt fast.

Imagine the grin on my face when I found out the speed I was doing???? Went to bed that night dreaming of the fun I would have on the dirt....... (also had a little dream about Liz Hurley but I won't go in to that)

92mph on my 99 wr, stock gearing. Wasn't as unstable as I thought i was going to be.

Yes, but not on the WR, :)

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