well went to 29palms this weekend and got out on friday to ride my buddys property. he has a trackand knows the area. so i could warm up to race the desert vipers best in the west. the only desert race i do all year usually. and i noticed the smell of oil burning. so checking my bike over. it was eating coolant aswell. so decided not to race and pack up early and drive home. i took the motor apart and the rings are junk and the piston has alot of build up on it and my head gasket was destroyed. so going to go with a new cp full race piston 13.75 to 1 and gonna adjust the valves. i can also do hot cams for really cheap. im wondering if i should change my gearing. its a 13/50 right now. anyone? the bike has a pro circuit ti header and a ti 4.1 and the ac pump mods and jetted and a kn filter and some other stuff i built at my shop. what should i do?

Good thing you did not race it.....

the piston you want will require race gas. If this is not a problem do it....

yea. i dont care about that. i get vp for really cheap. but should i got to a 14/50 or back to a 13/49 or 48 or keep it at 13/50? and should i do the cams? or will it make that much of a diff?

What year/model?

06 yz450f

Mine are geared 13/48 for the desert.

ok. i was just thinking with the added power and bottom end that i might want to change. i go to the track alot and when im at the desert i usually dont need to go faster the like 70 unless i let the old guys by on the 525s and stuff. where usually just looking for jumps.

If you ride mostly MX, then you may want to stay with 13/49 or 13/50.

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