Will stiffening 650L suspension make it feel lighter?

My 650L is heavy. Ya, I know that. But for some reason, I just cant seem to part with it. First off, I weigh 200lbs, before gear. My L is running totally stock suspension, with a lowering link installed. My problem is, the suspension just feels too mushy, does making the suspension stiffer make the bike feel lighter in the rough stuff? My front bottoms out over the smallest bump/jump and the rear is just squishy. What would be a good setup for a 200+lb rider that likes to tackle ugly trails? Try to keep things on a reasonable budget.

I say YES. Springs make a big diff in how these bikes feel. Re sprung my L when I had one and resprung the R allso. I like .49 in the forks and 11kg on the rear. I'm prob 210 in gear ready to ride and ranked as an A rider dist 36

ur lowering links ever so slightly changes the suspension geometery and actually softens the rear suspension...cranking up the preload will help but a stiffer spring is the real answer...

i'm the same weight and the stock suspension is near it's limits with the addition of some preload and 5psi air in the front forks...but be careful with air or "...ur gunna put ur eye out!" :thumbsup:


I just went from the stock suspension to stiffer springs and thicker fluid up front- haven't really had a chance to try it, but it feels a bit more responsive.


Where would one get a stiffer spring. RaceTech only has two options. Anywhere else?

trully if your something like 220 with gear and riding aggressively you will definitely like springs setup for your weight and riding style. As for making the bike feel lighter, uhhhh it will feel different cuz it will not be bottoming out and all. How your suspension is setup makes a huge difference in how it feels and how well you can ride certain terrains. I am heavier than you and still on stock suspension and for just cruising its ok but right when i get offroad a little i can definitely not ride to the full potential cuz its too soft. I would say get the springs for sure, you wont be dissapointed with it. Nothing is more important that correct suspension setup in my opinion.

Damn right Denn!

That can cause you to go down in deep, sandy whoops!:thumbsup:

...there is one very gud way to make ur bike feel much lighter...

...ride and pick up a downed KLR! :thumbsup: ...nearly 100lbs heavier than a XRL that has been put on a diet...and that weight is carried high...

...so what springs shud one use for a 220ish load???


Damn right Denn!

That can cause you to go down in deep, sandy whoops!:thumbsup:

dont worry brother i was so close to joining you eating some fine desert, we all have our times and i think mine are over for a while. Hopefully never as badly as bruce but 5 surgeries all within 2 years was enough for me!!

found this doing some carb research so i figured id post it since you were asking about spring rates. Now these are not fine tuned to what style riding ie desert to mx/supercross, but will get you close.



some differences but thats normal, go to the suspension forum and ask and i guarantee you will have people telling you different rates, why? im not sure really but i guess its like alot some tuners have a different preferance in what spring rate to use for the exact same bike with rider so who knows but these both should be close.

That is great information for the spring rates. I used and Eibach spring on my DR and the recommended/available spring weight was too soft. One reason I think this was because I added a Kuba link and the rates from Eibach are for stock links. I wish they would have the option/research analysis for bikes with lowering links since alot of of use them.. I would go with a stiffer spring than what Eibach recommends if using a lowering link.

for sure if your using a lowering link your changing the geometry of the linkage and springs will be different than the stock reccomendations. Race Tech, Eibach there all good springs and Eibach is a site sponsor. There is a TT member "Ryan at eibach" i think but hes in suspension forum alot and you can PM him for more detailed setup choices.

I noted on the 93 XR650L that I just finished with that it has an a stiffer suspension setup, rear shock and fork srpings have been changed by previous owner, it does feel different in the trails, but still way too heavy for serious woods work. Prefer my XR250R for that.

What is the stock suspension in out xr650l's? What spring rates come from the factory in these bikes?

.44 springs on the front

10.5 kg/mm on the back


type 43C

Wow, I guess I will need a lot of help then on my bike b/c I am 265 lbs and 6'3" on my 2006 xr650l. Might be time to get some Ohlins suspension under me. :thumbsup:

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