XR600 Headlight help...burn out

I just recently bought my first XR. It's an 1986 XR600R, got it for cheap, and it runs great. I noticed the headlight and rear light aren't working. I replaced both lights, started up the bike and woulden't you know it they were on and shining bright.

They worked for about 5 seconds then promptly burned out. Whats causing the headlight burn out? I replaced the lights again and the same thing happened. I'm wondering what might be causing this, and what to check for. The bike is all stock and I was using the 35w headlight bulb. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

your bike probally has a voltage regulator that is not working properly you might check out rickystator they have universal ac voltage regulators

I ordered a universal ac regulator from rickystator.com. It came in the mail the other day...replaced the old one which took about 15 minutes. Problem solved....all lights work now! Thanks for the help!

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