Temp gauge?

Has anyone found or figured a way to mount an effective temperature gauge on their WR ?

I would think this would provide useful and accurate information on the effects of everything from timing to jetting to octane to synthetic oil and gearing changes and riding style and more.

Aside from "operator-error", it seems to me that excessive heat is the primary threat to these bikes. Without a gauge, "HOT" is simply too relative and subjective.

I don't know about the WR, but Al Bakers XR's Only makes one for the XR400 etc. It replaces the dipstick and gives an engine oil temp rating.

Checkout your friendly neighborhood Snap-on Dealer and pickup the Blue Point infrared heat gun for about $50.00 U.S. Then all you do is point and read the temps of everything on the bike. Just mho!

The heat guns are cool, but they wont do you any good out on the trail

I have a combination backpack/camelback and it fits in there just fine thanks.

pick up a copy of Radio Controled Car Action. A company called MIP makes a digital temp gauge small enough for RC cars that can be mounted any where on your bike. They sell for about $35.

Check into karting products. There are about a million old "digatron" tach/CHT gauges. They sell at swap meets for 5 bucks, as they were they thing to have about 15 years ago. They arent to big to put on your bars, either. Just a thought... there are alot of karting companies that sell online.. arcracing.com comes to mind first. Hope this helps.

www.4cycle.com...goto the forums, then classifieds and then engine parts... there are even some for sale. Most karting loggers and tachs allow for different types of leads, for water, head, exhaust, etc. Hope this helps

There are also the heat stickers that you can affix to your motor that read surface heat.

Or try Goodson and get a melt away tell tale.

I would say trying to jet by engine temp would be a tough call...

Even doing it by ex. temp with a sensor in your pipe is difficult on a trail/mx bike due to the non steady throttle positions inherent in the riding we do.

Thanks Guys! I'm just real curious as to the range of temps the bike endures. Part of the reason I like the Flatland radiator guards so much was the stock plastic louvers tended to lay flat like closed venetian blinds, I really think there is a difference in temp now.

I'm getting ready to TT-mod my WR (YZ time, Taffy jetting, grey wire, exhaust,etc.). Thought I'd wait till riding season, put some hours on it in case I forgot how it felt last fall, then start the mods. Keeping track of temp differences might be interesting. Must be the truck-driver in me, but I CRAVE engine info from gauges...

I also worry at times about chasing my boys. The youngest makes me ride pretty slow at times and get on and off (leaving it run). I realize the plug will tell a lot more about jetting, but as I try to "sneak up" on "lean enough", I don't want to cook anything.

A tach is nice, but oil pressure and coolant temp are the life or death of engines IMHO. I'll check out those cart gauges and talk to my Snap-On tool buddy @ heat gun. I need good baseline readings prior to the mods.

I remeber seeing a post about a temp guage that replaced the radiator cap. I couldn't find it in the archives though. Anyone have any info?

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