Computer Gurus...I need some help!

After re-formatting my PC and re-installing Windows Millenium, I had zero problems logging onto TT.

Last night, I downloaded I.E. 6. (I had it on my PC before re-formatting).

Now, I cannot logon to TT at all in ANY MANNER. I enabled ALL COOKIES and minimum security levels. I tried (3x) w/ the "forgot my password". I have been re-issued 3 new passwords and none worked.

After putting in my logon and password, the logon screen comes back after I hit enter.

I tried this logon "Kevin_in_New_Hampshire" which works AT WORK ONLY.

It DID NOT work on my home PC.

I guess it came from the I.E. 6 upgrade...

It worked two days ago, now nothing!

Any experience w/ this?

My fix would be to remove IE 6 if I had to...but IT DID work before...

Have you tried to enter just the letters in your password in CAPS?

First thing to check on a failed log in,, is your caps lock on? is your num lock on? Check the spelling and case of your user name, I think TT user names are case sensitive. Next I might go and delete all cokkies on the system and try to log back in, there may be a cokkie on your system for TT with a differient user name in it. Win ME I think shippped with Net scape as well, try using it and see what happens. If all esle fails, hit start, run and type ipconfig and hit enter, (not sure if this works in ME) choose details for your TCP/IP and hit, release all, wait, wait, wait, then hit renew all. TT may be logging IPs????

Good luck.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :)

I re-formatted the (insert "B WORD" here) and everything is back.

I WILL NOT be downloading IE 6 for awhile, if ever.

I wonder what it was...???

Do you have a space between NH and Keving like this

NH Kevin

or did you redo this as NH_Kevin?

I know your a mod so I believe you ar already aware of this problem with the new Software

I doubt it had anything to do with IE6. I have IE6 running on 98SE, 2000Pro and XPPro with no problems accessing TT.

I tried to logon MANY times after loading IE6, using both NH_Kevin & Kevin_in_New_Hampshire. Neither worked.

Remember, I WAS loggging on w/ zero issues RIGHT BEFORE the IE 6 upgrade.

Before re-formatting, I had IE 6 on w/ zero issues.

I dunno.

After (attempting to) logon, the logon screen came right back. There was no wrong password, etc info, just the logon screen.

Like I said, all is well now. Just no IE 6.

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