JT sprocket clarification

Just wanted to add this thread to assist any of you who may be considering purchasing a rear JT Sprocket for your xr650l.

I have mentioned this subject a week or 2 ago and apologize in advance for essentially double threading but I have rec'd a few emails asking to show some pictures since that posting and I see that there are quite a few new 650L owners showing up on TT. To you new guys, re-gearing is just one of many mods that is easily accomplished and will really make your bike enjoyable.

I have some pictures posted on this link that will clarify any confusion.


clicking on the thumbnail will enlarge the picture and then click on either of the 2 magnifying glasses to enlarge it again. If your using firefox you can enlarge it even more by putting your mouse on the picture and left clicking.

There are a few websites that use bike part catalogs from 2nd party vendors that they deal with directly to get your parts to you. Many of these websites will show that a JTR210.xx is a direct bolt on to your EOM hub. This is not the case for all of the JTR210 sprockets. (I mention "not the case for all" because some have posted that they had received 210's and they bolted right up to the hub).

What is important to understand is that there are 3 different sprocket bolt mounting configurations for most bikes. 1 is just hole that in which a standard bolt is passed through and secured with a nut, 1 is a flat recessed 10mm hole (as in the xr650l) and the other is a tapered 8mm hole.

The correct sprocket for the xr650l is a JTR301. Well, at least for the 2007 model, although I think it is the same for most of the model years. The JT sprocket web site will also show the 301 as the correct sprocket and only shows it available in 45 or 48 tooth configurations.

To be on the safe side I would first take a look at your mounting bolts and then call the seller and ask them which type of hole the sprocket you plan on buying has before making the purchase. In my case (with the JTR210.50) I had to drill the holes to 10mm and mount the sprocket on backwards to get full seating surface for the OEM bolts. I could not find anyplace that sells 10mm tapered bolt or I would have done that instead of buying another sprocket.

Incidently the JT sprockets are black vice silver.

yes martin ordered a 210 from tt store and it was correct and i ordered one and it was NOT, the funny thing is his is black and a complete different style than ive ever seen. the areas that bolt to the hub are like fingers straight off the sprocket and not connected, kinda wierd to explain but what i know is 210 in their manual stats for a R. Only a few years of 600s are same as the L also but you can find all that with the links below for your exact year and model.


and the L is 301


easy to see the difference in hole configuration. Fronts are different also R uses a 1307 front and the L uses 1309

L in the JT catalog.....http://www.jtsprockets.com/52.0.html?&L=0&sel_uid=4292&p=

R in the JT catalog.....http://www.jtsprockets.com/52.0.html?&L=0&sel_uid=4291&p=

this is what the one martin got when he ordered a jtr21048. As you can see there is no base to the sprocket just kinda fingers off the outter edge, and its not like there small, like this pic shows, there fairly long. Ive personally never seen a sprocket like this, it looks really cool i think.


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