Street Legal XRR in Ontario?

Has anyone here plated an XR650R in Ontario, if so, what all was involved?



Yes - there have been a lot of XRR plated - mine is - but the MTO shut the door on all off road conversions a few months ago - They are renewing existing plates, but there are no more conversions - period

Quebec banned conversions a couple of years ago including not renewing.

Various groups are lobbying to get the right back, but it seems there is little hope of it happening

So even if I buy new, there's no hope? I would like to get an XRR and turn it into a supermoto/off-road bike, I don't want to go with the L.

Thanks for the help

No hope for a new one or one not already plated - as I said they renewed mine so it seems we are grandfathered in - no idea what happens if you change ownership

for better answers, JOIN the ODSC - Ontario Dual Sport Club - great people and great rides throughout the riding season

lots and lots of info at

Thanks Metisse,

I am a member of the ODSC from a while ago, sort of forgot about it though.

I found a new 650R for sale and really had big plans for it, but I guess I'll have to look for something else.

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