my wr eats plugs??? please help

hi there i own a wr 426 its a 2000 w reg its had the carb mod air box lid taken off and ive put a yzf pipe on it. it runs mint and pulls really well now the mods have been done:ride: but im only getting about 8 hours out of my plugs:excuseme: ive tried differant plugs but they all last the same amount of time:censored: it really p*sses me off when i crank it up the day before im goin out for a blast (to make sure its ok) then when i go out to it the next day &%$#@! all!!!! it getting close to be sold please help me before i throw a match in the tank:foul: many thanks danny

That's a real bugger... Could you elaborate on what you mean "it eats plugs"? Are they oil- or carbon-fouled? What do they look like after 8 hours? Burned, cracked, broken insulator? Color of deposits? More info please.

hi when i say "it eats plugs" i just mean it goes through them quickly. the plugs look a little sutty but nothing major??

trailering bike with fuel on?

eating plugs could be a jetting issue/ pipe

i get 1 yr+ on a plug

i never turn the fuel off could this be the answer??

hi when i say "it eats plugs" i just mean it goes through them quickly. the plugs look a little sutty but nothing major??

does the bike all of a sudden not run? just cuz the plug looks used doesnt mean anything is wrong with others have said a 4 stroke plug will go a long long time before you need to replace it

This might be nothing, but check the air box for leaks past the filter. Torn boot maybe. Leak in the airbox seal.

I've gone a whole year on one plug. I just changed it because I thought it was time. As much as they cost it'll be another year before I put another one in.

Could be your electrics. If you're not getting the proper spark you won't get the motor running as cleanly/completely as it should and gum up plugs. I had similar problem, although my plugs would last a bit longer than yours. I traced mine to a dodgy resister in the sparkplug cap. In the manual it tells you the reading you should be getting of the primary and secondary coil.

Dumb question... Are you replacing it with the original OEM plug? Are you sure?

Some pics would really help.

the plug in my 06 WR is the original - got about 95hrs on it - when should I change it?

I change my plug when I adjust my valves, just because it's there. Without seeing the plug to see if its fouled I can't say, but your word "sutty" sounds like either too rich or you're passing oil. Rich is easier to fix.

A buddy of mine had this same problem, he chased it for months and found out it was a leaky float needle valve. He replaced it and is on the same plug since then. Good luck.

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