Header Wrap

Has anyone wraped their header, if so did it help or hurt? I know it works on cars to keep heat in the pipe which is good for getting gases out faster and keeping other parts cooler but would it make a difference on my bike. I have an 05 wr450 with most of the free mods and some jetting done to it

I have done this.

It is a total and complete waste of time.

Are you looking for more power, or are you just looking for something work on? If that's the case, you shouldn't have a Yamaha. They are as maintenance free as they come.

The used '06 WR450 I bought had heat wrap on it, but it wasn't for performance. He had to install it to keep it from heating the fuel in his desert tank. When I bought the bike it had the stock tank back on it and I removed the wrap first thing. Wow, what a mess it was and now the exhaust is UGLY!

I wouldn't do it unless you have to, it doesn't help the performance at all.


I wrapped the header on my YZ400. I did this to stop burning my riding pants on the exhaust.

Works just fine for this purpose no side effects noticed - except I don't burn my pants now.

I did the same thing on a 98YZ400. No performance gain. Just stop burning my pant leg. Looks like crap but did the job. What a tank compared to the newer bikes

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