fuel screw help

Puttin an adjustable fuel screw in and got the parts mixed up

does it go - washer,o-ring,spring then screw (i think)


o-ring,washer,spring then screw

thanks for the help, i'm an idiot:excuseme:

It's all good. O-ring, washer, spring, screw.

Just put in a white bros adj fuel screw, had a 48 pilot jet and fired it up to adjust the idle mixture, the engine revs faster the further I cranked the screw in.

Took out the 48 pilot and put in a 45, same thing screw the fuel screw all the way in keeps revving faster

Do you think I should go leaner yet? It should cough and sputter when screwed all the way in shouldn't it?

If the bike continues to run with the fuel screw all the way in, then you need to go leaner on the pilot.

The alloy screws are sometimes poorly machined and it is not uncommon to have to go as much as two jet sizes smaller than with the stock or properly made fuel screw (The Kouba Brass or Kientech Stainless Steel).

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