Need Exhaust Pics`

I have a huge favor to ask of anyone who is running the GYTR Quiet Slip On.

I have the GYTR Stainless full setup w/resonator head pipe. I am trying to find a spark arrestor for it. I need pics of the spark arrestor that comes with the Quiet Slip On, a pick of where the spark arrestor mounts in the pipe, a pic of the end of the Quiet pipe (end cap straight on to compare opening size to the Stainless) and a pic showing the diameter of the arrestor mounting point. I think that arrestor will work in the Stainless, but need to see the pics to make sure.

My dealer and Yamaha each say that there is no arrestor for that pipe, but I am convinced that the Quiet Pipe arrestor will work in the Stainless.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

I've seen that on the Yamaha site. But if you read the description it says that it is for the one piece end cap model, which I believe does not work on the one that I have. That is why I am hoping that someone who is running the GYTR Quiet Slip On will send me some pics of their spark arrestor. Thanks for the info though.

Bump - still looking for pics.

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