SDG tall seat '06 450

Has anyone tried a Tall SDG seat on their '06 450? I got one and it does not fit, the hook under the seat does not latch on the frame, it is too high, it fits the tank and the rear bolts line up but I can't push the center of the seat down enough to fit the hook into the frame,It looks like the angle of the frt of the seat is not steep enough, this is the second seat I've gotten and it mount the same. Mike

I have the tall SDG seat on my YZ. I have to force it down with one hand and force it forward with the other. Once I got it on, the darn cover had a bunch of wrinkles in it. So I took it back off and had to restretch the cover and staple it back down.

I'm not real impressed either....

I'm in the same boat as you guys. I just got used to pushing the middle of the seat down with one hand and lifting the back of the seat with the other while I slide it forward. This bends the seat tab slightly down making it easier to slide into the slot. You'll notice that the seat tab has a pretty steep angle to the face, I just took a file (or dremel perhaps) and ground it down a little bit so it would slide in a little easier. This does not seem to effect performance in any way.

Regarding the wrinkles, I too was a little miffed when I saw them on the seat, I figured I could fuss with it or just ride. I rode and noticed that the seat cover formed itself better to the seat and now I have no more wrinkles.

I recommend just giving it some time and see if the wrinkles work themselves out.

Thanks guys, I thought I was doing something wrong, I guess it is just not the quality I expected. Mike

I bought a SDG standard seat because I didnt want to recover my stocker. I too had fitment problems, the seat is so tight against the shrouds after you finally get it on that is is pushing the graphics off of the shrouds.

I guess it is just not the quality I expected. Mike

Agreed...I bought one and sold it the next day.

If you searched this forum you would have seen my post from about 6 weeks ago. I ordered and returned 4 SDG tall seats for my 07 YZ450F. The center tab would not fit even with two people pushing down in the center. My calls to SDG were never returned. :thumbsup: I finally heated up the seat tab and bent it down to match the angle of the OEM seat. I'll finally get to use it this weekend at Budds Creek.:thumbsup:

hmmmm, i got one and it fits nicely,musta got lucky

I fitted a SDG seat to my YZ400 recently. No problems with fit-up. The seat comes off every week for filter maintenance etc and has not given any problems with refitting.

There were a few small wrinkles when first fitted however after my first ride these have gone.

The seat has a bit more padding than the one it replaced and saved my butt last weekend in a Baja ride.

I have had several and none of them lined up good but takes a little cussing. Once you do it enough its not bad takes 2 seconds to get them on. And on the wrinkles everyone I have ever had had wrinkles when I 1st put it on after 1 ride gone and they dont come back. For the price they are fine

I also had one on my 426 and it fit perfect, thats why I bought this one. Mike

My step SDG basically had to be recovered. Fit was terrible. Glad to see there are companies making foam to build a step seat out of the stocker.

MY SDG tall fits excellent on my 08. The first time I installed it, a minor amount of pressure to get both seat bolts in, but now they line up perfect, no wrinkles in the material. The tall allows me to slide forward much easier for corners.

Didn't get any response from SDG, and didn't want to send the seat back the second time just to get the same thing, so I modified it to match the configuration of the stock seat the center locking tab had to be bent down considerably, and the rear mounting tabs had to be drilled larger to be moved out wider, heres how I did it.



The distance between the rear tabs was 1/4" too narrow and it made the tabs bend out at an angle when mounted, the center tab under the seat had a way different angle, originally 2 guys pushing down on the seat couldn't latch the centertab. I wedged this socket under the tab and used a heat gun to form it.

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