Who's into Dual Sport?

I don't know if age is catching up with me?

When snow skiing, I no longer need to jump off cliffs and find long mogul runs to be happy. I told some buddies I'm really starting to enjoy the long blue cruisers.

In dirtbiking, I no longer need to try and be the fastest or jump the farthest. Lately, I'm dreaming about a long beautiful jeep trail and the cool winding mountain roads that join them together.

I'm really getting the bug for dual sporting - Riding all day on mountain trails and roads. Riding my bike right up to the resturant in a cool small town etc. The freedom to take both streets and trails!! I recently took the final step in converting my WR to street legal - got a tag!! It's not even from my state, but that's another story.

Who else is going through the same thing or have been already enjoying this segment of our sport?

Turkey Runs: Organized Trail Rides w/ some road thrown in. My first TR, last summer, was phenominal :) .

Some of the terrain was rather challenging. I am doing a two day at Loudon Raceway in June!! :D

In the Ocala National Forest, dual-sporting is the ONLY way to go. You don't have to worry about getting a ticket for riding an unlicensed vehicle on a public road, and you can ride the paved and numbered roads to connect the trails. Almost everyone I regularly ride with has tagged their bikes and at least have the minimum equipment to be legal (headlight, tail/brake lights, horn, plus a rectifier and a battery.) For literally just a few bucks, you can dual-sport a WR very easily.

I did some dual-sport riding in the mountains around Suches, GA last year. That was one of the best days of riding I've ever experienced. The only bad part was when we rode up on a guy on a 4-wheeler with a shotgun sitting across his lap. Apparently, we were riding on his property and he didn't want us there. He wasn't a jerk about it and we talked with him a few minutes before he escorted us off his land. But it was still unnerving.

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Well that's just great. :)

I love my baby F and I don't think I could find a better bike right now for the kind of riding I do the most (especially at 5' 8" and a buck fifty). But, I've been drooling over the prospect of an '03 WR450F with e-start. Now I have a good rationalization for having both.

I also find that I can get my fill of beating myself silly on the gnarly technical stuff quicker than I would have in my younger days. I love it all the same, though, and I won't give up my WR250F any time soon. But I also know the pleasure of putting mile after mile of primitive scenic road and milder trail behind me. It puts me in another zone. I could just keep riding all day... :D

Did you register your bike in Vermont? If so, could you share how you went about doing it?

You ca email me if you prefer.


BS mike@broadwaytrading.com

Go to the Withlacoochee Dual Sport Riding Club website and in the Navbar, click on legalize. That will tell you everything you need to know to dual-sport your bike.

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I have duel sporting for quite awhile. We do alot of over nighters, back up a sleeping bag, some food, go out to the middle of no where. Good way to end a stress filled week.

I'm with NH Kevin, Dual Sport,Turkey Runs are great. All sanctioned, permissiom to ride, challenging when you want it. Lots of others that love doing what we do. Go to netra.org for East coast rides, and the AMA Magazine has these rides around the country posted.

im riding in dualsport this weekend.its a fairly short run at 120miles.i guess thats still a good days riding.last dualsport i rode was the "ridge runner" it was 2 day event totalling 520miles."talk about a serious case of monkeybutt"bring a pillow to sit on for drive home.

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