Riding in Foresthill? I want to shoot some pics..

If your planning on riding up my way let me know, I want to gather some action shots with both my old Olympus camera and my nifty new digital cam corder with Snapshot. I thought getting pics of my fellow TT'ers would be cool! Plus its an excuse to go hang around some bikes since I cant ride. Anyone riding his weekend?

I know it's a long way off.But i'll be up there Thanksgivin.If ya want to hook up i may need your help trackin my bike down since i'll be bringin a un trail worthy yz450.

Hey any time..CISCO's search and rescue at your service. Specializing in stuck or dead Yamaha's :)

I may be down your way turkey day, call me though Id like to hook up. I may even put around on my bike if I can sneek it out past the wife..other wise I hike with camera to take pictures :D :D

If you take the right gear, you could also try shooting Hondas, Suzukis etc... though the Suzukis are not worth as many points, they run slower and are easier to bag... LOL


OUCH ! Cisco, are you gonna let David get away with that? :) LOL !

And I take offense to that rescuing Yamaha line !!!!!!!! :D


Make sure though you use a good night scope when shooting those DRZ's they only come out in the night ya know


and watch out for those Cdalers, them things get real nasty when cornered, gotta have a recoilless Cbat to knock them down :)

How is the arm doing Cisco

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