Rad MFG Hub/Axle Question

I just purchased a new rear wheel set up from RAD MFG and i noticed my stock axle wont fit and its much to small. No where on the site does it say you need a diff axle to use there hubs. So I guess my question is where can i find a larger axle to fit this hub? or do you think they sent the wrong hub. Ill call my shop to make sure they ordered and make sure RAD sent out the correct shipment.

Thanks in Advance.

If you buy a larger axle, how will it fit in your swing arm, axle blocks, brake anchor and spacers?

Sounds like the hub you bought is for the wrong bike.

They must have sent you the wrong hub, or perhaps they did not include proper spacers to adapt hub to your bike? I have a friend that recently purchased a RAD wheel combo, it came wth hub inserts to fit hub to YZ axle.

yeah i think they sent me a honda rear hub or yeah the spacers are wrong thanks. the spacers fit my axle but not in the hub.

i think they make oversized hubs with oversized bearings. call em about the bearings. they may have just sent the wrong ones

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