So you bought a 450, well wine, wine, wine

Yea, Yea, Yea, Wine, wine, wine. We want you Yamaha test pilot dogs to get im! Why, because we want you suckers to do all the testing so we real riders can purchase the second or third year product when everything comes together. I bought my WR400 in 2000 after they had make many modifications. Updated Carb, shortened frame, cockpit opened ect. Yea, I know some day I want that magic start button, but for right now my bike always starts the first kick (OK, almost always) and with the mods from this forum will kick the A_____ off any stock 450and probably most modified ones to!

Wooooooooooow, them's fight'n words, be carful. :D :D

Save it for the crf boys or even the ktm boys hehehehe :)

Sounds like Levy1 is doing the whining...envy will do that to a person!

with the mods from this forum will kick the A_____ off any stock 450and probably most modified ones to!


Is this what we call positive thinking ? :) This attitude is often caused by someone's desire not being fulfilled, or in many case when in despair !! :D :D

Keep smiling :D :D

Cant help but agree with Dan_Lorenze :D:):D

I agree with levy1 its never smart to buy a first year product, i was looking at the wr450f too, but i thought to myself nah, i dont want to spend around 7k$ on a bike that might have massive faliure, ( the e-button is all new ) there is alot of things that can go wrong, and you dont want to pay 7k$ for something that might end up costly and troublesome.

But i hope that it's a sucsess cause im buying a wr450 to, but not quite yet, maybe 2004 or 2005 :D

And HEY i am not jelaous cause i had the buck to buy it, but i decided to pick another model :) a model that certainly is going to stick with me in all conditions :D


..swims over and sniffs the bait.... decides not to and swims back down into the murk.

Hey DW, how did you manage to find an 02 WR400????? They only made the 02 as a 426???? (I'm bored, I had to ask!)as for the electric start, hasnt Yamaha been building elec start bikes for a few years now? i have an 03 YZ250F and its awsome, no regrets on buying a first year bike.

Be a man and step up to the plate.

I thought this post was about booze.

Did you mean "whine".

They still made a 400 for Europe.

You could get a WR 400 or a 426 over there.

its never smart to buy a first year product

Although I've heard that saying many times over about products I think that times are changing. I can guarantee that the WR450f will live up to your expectations. I recently rode a YZ450f, I seriously couldn't help from wheeling the little bike. It is so F-ing fast it's scary and handled like a dream. The only thing I wished for was another gear because 4th came up really fast for off-road use, and that my friend will be the new WR450f. There's no way I'm gonna wait for the bike just to see if it's reliable or not because I know it will be, just like my old 98 400 (1st year), that bike ran perfectly every time I rode it and I'm sure that the guy that has it now is still riding with no problems. Life is short! Get it. If you wait you'll never be able to find one because I've heard from various reliable sources that Yamaha doesn't plan on make very many....

peace, Dan

Some of you keep saying about the reliability of an"all new bike" But the 03 WR450 is not really an all new bike like the CRF450 was. Yamaha has been making the four stroke since 98. Its still the same basic motor and frame with just a lot of upgrades and improvments, so I would think that if anything it would be more reliable. look at all of the changes they have made since 98 and every time its improved the bike. This is just Yamaha staying ahead of the competition.

Oh and I forgot to mention that DW said why pay around $7,000.00 for a 03, I don't know where he lives, but I'am getting mine for about $6,000.00 OUT THE DOOR! and as far as the E-start goes I think Yamaha can master that, They have been on dirt bikes for years, and I have never heard of any problems. I have had two DRZ400E's and they don't even come with kick starts, never had a prob.

Thanks Dan!

Like I really needed to send my Pepsi through my nose and all over my computer!!!!

Man, that is funny!!!! :)

Beezer, I'm with you on this one. Who's bringing the cheese?

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