426 clutch prob

I have a small dilema...

I ordered, and recieved a new clutch kit last night.

What I ordered was a kit for a 2001 YZ426. What I recieved was a 2003-2006 YZ450 kit.

Should I wait and get the proper replacement, or use the 450 kit?

I have a 06 clutch set up in my 02 426 and it runs fine. Even improved the clutch pull a ton! I scored a GYTR hub and pressure plate for cheap and have it in a hinson basket. A little work on setting it up and all has been well for 6 months now. I am running a GYTR heavy duty clutch kit as well. I don't know if I got lucky or what. It works how it is supposed too and actually a whole lot better then before. I couldn't be happier with my set up. By the way I am running a 444 big bore kit with 13.5 to 1, and have had no slippage. My bike will pretty much rip your arms off if you don't pay attention! Hope this helps!

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