When to rebuild?... Valve Replacement

Hi Gang, I recently bought a 02 wr 426 and I need to replace the piston... I'll save that for another thread...

My question today is should I bother with the valves if they look OK. They are the original with about 50-60 hours on them. I believe these are the titanium valves and I saw the set of five would cost upwards of $350 bucks. I don't want to spend the cash if it isn't needed but I'm not sure the life expectancy of these titanium valves. Thanks for your help.

If you are not getting any issues that might point to bad valves I would not change them.

I'm not sure of the life expectancy of the valves either but it will vary considerably depending on the how the bike was ridden, raced?, air filter cleaned and changed, oil changes...blah blah

I would think that if the bike needs a piston at this point you owe it to yourself to at least inspect the entire valve train. Once you start diggin into that motor for a piston, that hard work is already done and a close inspection of the rest of the motor will give you peace of mind when your out roostin.:thumbsup: These motors are known for their reliability, I have more hours than you and have not even needed a valve adjustment yet.:thumbsup:

What should I look for that would indicate a valve problem or need of a valve change?

I have looked over the other componants but I don't really have experience this deep in the motor. Unless it is obvious I may not catch it. Are there any trouble spots or keys items that I should give further attention to, take measurement of?


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