Run in's with the law??

yamaharichie, i dont think that, my encounters with motorcycle cops are good it's some of those young guns that piss me off.

Richey - too true about cops & dirt bikes. One of my neighbors is a local cop and he knows I ride. He got invited to go riding with all the other cops on his shift so Perry asked if he could borrow my boots - we're about the same size. Needless to say I outfitted him with Moose XCR pants/jersey/gloves, helmet, chest protector, Alpinestar boots. He had to be the best dressed newbie out there. Gotta stay on his good side.... Did I mention he borrows my Aerostich suit as well:)


My riding buddie is a cop, I figure it this way, if I cant pass the guy, I can have my buddie shoot his tires out :)

When I was little a cop was constantly called out to make us leave this area we rode on. He'd drive out into the middle of the field and just wait for us to come over. I'll never forget what he told us, week in and week out. "I know you boys aren't doing anything wrong and I'd much rather you be here riding than out creating mischief elsewhere. Ride for another hour and come back another day." He was damn cool.

Another cop rode with us on the sport bikes and he was one of the more insane riders of the whole bunch. He had an FRZ1000 and hammered it everywhere we went.

I find state cops very professional and when I get poped by a state cop, I figure I had it comming. Local guys are bad and getting worse. The little towns are always cutting back the bugets for these guys so they push the vets out and pick up two fresh recruits part time to take their place, these guys are DORKS! and man do they love to chase dirt bikes and quads, they spend all day thiking, man I hope I can find some kid on a quad and get him to run so I can chase him. Anyway, now that Im older I only ride where Im allowd, 1 1/2 hour dirve is not an issue to me for ligit riding.

Best good cop story, Im racing wiht a guy on the road (VFR 750), I drop him but dont slow down. Cop catces up to me at a toll both and says, Ive been trying to catch up to you for the last 6 miles and Ive been doing 105! He reads me the riot act and gives me a non moving violation for not obeying a street sign or someting, its like $40, I thank him and promise to slow down. I was in uniform and just got off an Army reserve drill so I think that helped. Yeah alot of cops ride street bikes and drive fast.

Oh another cool story, I was driving in my 5.0 Stang and a dude in a black 5.0 whips up behind me and tries to get some, we start racing and I slow down for some traffic, he ripps around the traffic on the off and next on ramp to pass me :) I catch back up to him and pass him, I get off my off ramp and roll down my window to give him the thumbs up as he goes by, I look over and see the gray shirt and black Keystone patch of a Pa state trooper with a straight face looking over at me, my jaw drops, he smiles and gives me the thumbs up and breaks the 5.0 loose at about 70 Mph. run-ins on the dirty bike yet (ahem...knock on wood)...cause I don't really have anywhere to ride it that I could get in trouble on it...but streetbikes....I rode them for 6 years before playing on dirt bikes again this year. Pulled over a TON of times. I'll use just last year as an example..ended up with 7 tickets...we don't work on a points system. Lost my license was lost for 30 days after 4, then 60 days after 6, then 90 days after 7 (didn't get the picture the first time). Got tickets for everything from 11mph over in a 55 to my all-time-biggest-screwup of all time....154 in a 55 (The female judge just couldn't understand HOW I could get ANYTHING to reach 154 in under 10 miles....I thought it would be pointless to explain to her that it only takes about a mile to get to that speed from a dead stop on an RC51...let alone starting at 60+). Before that one (that was my last ticket, and the day that I decided to switch to dirt bikes, almost a year ago), I got a 97 in a 55 on a ZX12R, and a bunch of 15-overs on my Triumph. I got pulled over for wheelie-ing a few times, but in our state, wheelies are wreckless driving, which carries a 6-day jail term and 1 years loss of license, and most of the cops either don't think it's worth that, or don't care what you do as long as you're not around a crowd, cause they usually just scare you a bit, then let you go.

The 'hopper

I decided to run to the store for a half case of beer and also decided to ride my brand new WR. Especially since it has a licence plate and all. Got the beer in my backpack and heddin for home when I hear the siren. Cop says to me "You gotta be kidding, You cant license that bike in this state" So I told him to run the plate, he came back smiling and said that my WR was about as street legal as a chain saw. He said to take it easy and have a nice day.

Cool Cops are out there.



While riding the blue Ducatti to Laguna Seca from, just got clear of traffic and got alittle too happy with the right hand. Not even a mile later mister CHP says hello. I said "I just got clear of all the traffic, sorry." He said I know , then he asked "If you can tell me how fast you were going, within 3 miles an hour, I'll let you off." I got the answer right! Cool dude..... :)


You weren't in King City were you?


Blue Beast, I got Waaaay too many stories! But I finally figured out, alway's go riding and you can get way crazy if your riding with cop's! They all have get outta jail free cards! And it spills over to include you....SoCal

NVR-FNSH, I was just west of Calabasas (western edge of the San Fernando valley) on the 101 fwy going down the hill.

love to have one of those get out of jail free cards, maybe later in life i'll run in to a buddy like that..........i hope. :)

I just love the ones where the dirt bike "walks away" from the cops on dirt any more??

Yeah i suppose i could of done that once, when i had my old tt350 and my brother had a tt600, the cop was on a xr 250 and he was just back on it from injury, we were stopped having a break in the middle of the bush when we saw a lone rider coming towards us, thought nothing of it untill he got closer and we saw the sticker "POLICE" oh sh!t we were unlicesed and unregistered and we didn't have time to put our helmets on and start up the bikes to even try to get away, anyway he wasn't a bad bloke he only booked us for unregistered bikes and let us keep riding for the rest of the day, he could of got us for unregistered and unlicensed, saved us 500 bucks. :)


I know that area all too well - I grew up in Westlake Village.


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