Anyone clocked their bikes from 0-60??

Just out of curiosity I was searching the questions on the "search" option and it seems that no one asked it. Has anyone clocked their 0-60mph time? They do these on cars and i was just wondering how fast the dirtbikes are from 0-60mph. Not everyone has the special radars to be capable to do that with. If anyone has please share it and post it please along with your make and model and modifications.



You cant really compare 0 -60 results, because of different soil types and tire types. I guess you would have to run the test on asphault....but why?

ride past the local speed camera spot a few times, they might do it for you... :):D

They might charge you for the priviledge though... LOL :D:D

Apart from that, you may get a buddy with a stopwatch, or put on street tyres and get along to the local drag strip open day...

let us know if you find out...


i know my bike will go 60 to 0 in .001 seconds whenever a tree gets in the way

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