Help!! I too stipped my case with my drain bolt

Guys, I went to put my drain bolt back in my bike after I drained my oil and stripped out the drain bolt threads. I barely started to tighten the bolt when threads landed in my hand. I well aware about Helicoils, we use them at work all the time. I did a search and looked for part numbers and the next size up with no results... Does anyone know what size Helicoil I need to get and also what size bolt will I be using now?

Thanks in advance!!!

I believe it is a M12 by 1.5. I had to buy a kit a few months ago and it took about 3 weeks to get. Parts place kept getting me the wrong kit. I have some extra coils if you want to borrow the kit from me. PM me if you do. Also just re use the drain bolt after installing the new coil.


I did the same thing. Go to an automotive store and get a automotive type oil drain replacement. I got one that was self tapping with a bolt in the bolt. Now instead of taking the bolt out of the case, that bolt stays and the inner bolt is the drain. Both of the bolts are steel. No more stripping the case threads. There is also a product called a timesert. I have heard good things about this too. Better than helicoil. Good luck.


I did the same thing on my KDX a few years ago

Take the bolt in with you when you go purchase a helicoil so that they give you the right size and you can still use the standard bolt.

You will need to drill it out and install it with a kit.

Do you not have a friend who works at an engineering shop to help you out.

Once a helicoil is inserted it is super strong and will never strip again.

i did the timesert thing and it worked out well for me. Still having 0 problems when changing my oil. I would hate to have a heli coil break off and be floaring around in my oil pan. would make me way too nervous My 2 cents.

Where can I get this timesert online? How much dows it cost?

I believe it is a M12 by 1.5.

Jekel, You're the man. You are right on the size. I went to a place called "Metric Specialties" in Burbank CA. I paid $59.00 for the kit, I told him that's highway robbery but I needed it.

I'm off to the garage to install it, I'll let you know what happens.



Click on the link in my previous post.


10x edareus, it's just I cant' anderstand if they are selling... I wrote them e-mail...

Done deal, I had to buy the 31/64 drill for another 10 bucks :) but it took maybe 10 minutes to install. I also think that it's better than stock. Thanks for the help, if this happens to any of you let me know and I'll send you the kit intead of paying 70 bucks in tools.


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