YZ/WR 400/426 Powerbomb Header for Sale

I'll give you 150.00 inculing shipping.

Don't worry about it brad, your up to $125 on ebay. I will put my $150 toward some new boots. :)

Why are you selling it?

I have had a Big Gun system on my bike for about a year now, but based on all the magazine pipe tests, I thought I'd give a stock YZ426 silencer a try. I bought the powerbomb header to go with the stock YZ silencer hoping for a little boost in performance plus easier oil changes. I got the stock YZ silencer before the powerbomb, tried it with the stock header and was way dissapointed. The stock YZ silencer is quieter, but feels very weak right off the bottom compared with the Big Gun. The powerbomb is exactly the same diameter as the stock header, and I couldn't imagine it bringing back the bottom that my tapered Big Gun has. So rather than deal with FMF, I thought I'd just accept a loss and auction the header off before my wife beats me to death with it while I sleep...


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