2003 yz450F engine noise?

I have been riding my bike alot the past week, and yesterday i started to hear a rattling sound. i would not be concerned because i no these motors are loud, but this is deff a new noise. it sounds like you took a big washer, slid it over a screw driver and just shook it around. anyone have any ideas of what it is?

yikes i was gonna say mine made an alarming noise but it turnd out to be the "yz noise" but it does not sounds like that

It's a '03 YZ450. :thumbsup:

wat does that mean

Valves been adjusted lately? or ever?

mine makes a racket too. From what I've read its normal...

the valves may need to be done... but its starting first kick even when cold? so i figured they were fine. and ya i herd they make alot of noise, and i wouldnt be worried but this is a new noise i never herd before.

That's exactly how I described the noise on my 05 last year and found out that my kick start lever was rattling on the knuckle not the shaft/gear. I just wedged some grease in there because it wasn't loose and it hasn't made that noise since then. I'll bet you that's it!

My 04 makes some noise as well. Other 04s and 05s I've listened to make a similar racket, so it seems to be normal. The bike runs really strong, and even after sitting all winter it fired up after 6-7 kicks. Just the nature of the beast, I guess.

Let us know what you find.

You may want to get a 2nd opinion....I have seen several of these have some bearing problems (various) in the motor with a ton of hrs on them....how many hrs are on your bike. Yes they are loud and noisy, but when a new noise like you describe starts....I suspect a bearing issue

Maybe your chain is loose??

im goin to check the kick star and break lever and all that stuff again to make sure thats not it... i will try to get the valves looked at soon. thanks guys for the help.

thats what i was afarid of, me and my dad oth think it sounds like it spun a bearing... $$$$

Ride it and when you hear the noise reach down and grab the kick starter lever and see if it stops.

im 100% sure its the motor making the noise... i have a good buddy that works at a motorcycle shop hes taking a look at it now to see wat he can find. thanks for the help guys.

hey guys... i just got word on the bike, one of the valve seals was not holding compression/leaking, and the clutch basket was rattling. thanks for the help.

Glad to hear you got it figured out. Yee haw!!!

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