Street legal WR 426 in Ca?

Can anyone here tell me if a WR 426 can be made and registered as a street legal dual sport in California. Is there an issue with smog requirements on the new or newer models. I've looked through the posts here but I didn't see anything on this topic even though I'm sure it has been covered. I noticed that Baja Designs sells a DS kit for this bike but that doesn't mean too much. I currently ride an 96 XR 600 but I am thinking about jumping ship. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike


i have calif plates on my wr400.when i registered bike it was totally stock didnt have any dualsport just need the right connection.

I don't believe the 426 is plateable in CA since it's a red-sticker bike; the 400 is a green-sticker bike so that wouldn't be a prob.

I plated my bike ('01 WR426) in Oregon before moving to San Diego a few months ago, anticipating I'd get grief if I tried to get a green sticker for it. I haven't registered it yet since I "technically" still live in Oregon, but I'll keep you posted on my progress.

As for your situation, do a search on "Vermont" and "Plate" and you'll get the scoop on getting a Vermont plate. Once you have that you'll be able to get a CA plate, which is the equiv of a green-sticker! :)

Also, ElectrexUSA is a dual-sport kit manufacturer (among other stator and lighting coil products) and are very knowledgeable about CA law on plating. Take a look at their site and contact them with questions. I called them before moving down here and they were *very* helpful.

Electrex USA

Toll free: 1-888-369-8359

Ask for Ritzo (the owner) and tell him you heard about them on ThumperTalk! :D

Good luck,


Thanks for the information.

Steve, I called the number you posted and spoke to someone, possibly Ritzo, but he couldn't offer much more help. He did say to look up the State of Vermont DMV. I will soon. I was hoping to switch to a WR 426 since it is lighter, faster, slightly smaller than my xr600 and dual sport it too. I guess I may have to look at Husqvarna, KTM or even an XR650R although that is actually bigger.

Mike :)

Here is what you do. Get a WR from Canada, they get a green sticker straight away from the DMV, and then you just need to have a moto dealer sign it off after you "meet" the CHP 888 form requirements.

You will have a street legal WR!

steve,why would you want to try and get greensticker?if you have out of state license plates,its very simple to get ca plates.all you will need is insurance and [this is tricky part]since bike is new to state you will need vin# verification.on vin verification form there is a box that says refer to chp[for lighting inspection].if you know any cops or have a friend that knows cop you can ask them to do vin verf. and not check box.there is another spot on form that has 3 boxes for epa noise and emissions [1]exhaust meets federal epa regulations [2]meets ca and federal epa regulations [3]does not meet federal or ca standard.if you can them to check box 1 or 2 your in business.last but not least when you go to dmv is they ask if bike is offroad,enduro or street make sure you say can download necessary forms at

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Any idea how much a WR426 from canada would be and I would assume there is an import tax? Does anyone know if there any websites that would have that type of info?

Mike :)

I just bought a 2002 WR426f from Canada, here's the details. This guy Dan owns a ATV shop outside of Windsor, ON and sells bikes on Ebay (I.D is snowpro44). I picked up mine for a sweet $5200. All in. Delivered. He exports them, so there is no Canadian tax. Now since I live in Detroit, he delivered mine to my door. He also said that most of the time he ships them out of Detroit. Anyway, here's the link to the one I bought.

I told him that since I got such a great deal, I would recommend him to others.

Now I just need to get rid of the Canadian peahole muffler that came with it.

Originally posted by xr rider:

Any idea how much a WR426 from canada would be and I would assume there is an import tax? Does anyone know if there any websites that would have that type of info?

Mike :)

Hey Mike,

If you're looking for a WR, I'm thinking about selling the ThumperTalk bike (check my signature for all the details). If you're interested in knowing more send me an email:


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