Tool bag on a WR ?

I want to bring along a tool bag when I go riding. But I don't want to wear it. Any suggestions on a particular model ?


I've been extremely happy with this brand fender bag.It comes with nice cinch straps and you can purchase a removable inner bag that lets you easily remove the tools from the fender.Click on "pictures," I think they have a picture of one mounted on a

Oh-oh, here we go again! When I got on the DRZ forum I got alot of crap for this. Looked like those guys were trying to cart around enough tools to fix anything and everything. When I told the that I leave the tools in the truck, I discovered that all of us with preference for blue sport a "Mullet". But really, what do you really need to bring with. What I do, now that I have a reasonably reliable ride, is strap a water bottle to the crossbar... period!

I carry no tools, no wallet, no cell phone, no nothing! And yes, I have limped back to camp a couple of times, but never yet left stranded.

Thanks for the info. The bag you describe ie unavailable in Canada unless I order by mail. So I'll look around for something similar and if I have to, I'll do the mail order thing.


You've been lucky. I usually travel solo, and on lots of tight brush-lined side-hill trails. I've had to remove my rear wheel just to get the bike back up from being wrapped around brush below the trail. I carry rope and a pulley - tools to survive by when riding alone. If you're riding in a group sometimes just one well-equipped rider is good. Fanny packs are solid because tools stapped to a bike tend to fly off into space when a bike end overs a few times - but any kind of tool bag is better than none when you need it. And hey, if you prefer no ID or anything other than the bike, they can always use dental charts or DNA I suppose - I know someone else will be riding the bike out, once it's fixed with their tools.

Seems like a matter of choice to me. Some guys would rather ride a flat back to the truck than stop on the trail to fix it. Keep in mind that "limping back to camp" is a change in ride plan. I carry all the tools I need and most of the time the ride can be salvaged regardless of what comes up. And sometimes, the truck is a looong ways away. :)

That's what I think too :D. Every time I brought tools along on a group ride, I always ended up using it for me and others :D. It seems that people who come to group ride without tools are always happy to be helped when something needs to be fixed :D. And a rider spending time to prepare the bike, is "almost" always prepared too. (meaning he brings tools along, maybe not the whole tool cabinet but tools anyway).

Those are words of wisdom that come with age, and a few walks back to the starting point :)

Keep smiling :D :D

I use a Chase Harper rear fender bag. It's about 5"x7" and fits most of my needs. Also has a strap inside to keep your stuuf from flying about.

Good question. My buddy carries lots of good stuff including a tow-strap in the front bag. :) That bike has a lot of miles on it!

I carry the camera and lots of water in my camelback. :D



I have a "dirt works" fender bag, dunno if you have them over there, as for these guy's that dont carry there own tools, you sh!t me!!, try limpin back to your truck 170ks, i'll see you next week :Dwe carry all these tools and the only time we use them is to play with our jetting, fix our very occasional puncture and most of all fix everybody elses ill maintained sh!t box, any normal person would leave em in the middle of no where i suppose.

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