Incandecent Headlight Bulb????

Hey guys I have a 2000 wr400 that I am dualsporting and apon finishing the wiring and giving it a test found the, what i thought was stock headlight bulb high beam burnt out. No prob right go get new bulb, but yamaha parts fishe and bike bandit parts fishe call out a H4 halogen bulb, this no halogen but incandesent bayount style bulb. Hope i can find one at local parts store as inspection is just around corner. Quess could convert to H4 but not sure will fit headlight nicely. Any one else have these bulbs and if so whats the # can't make it out on old bulb here.Thanks ya'll..

Are you sure you have a stock headlight shell? It should be and H4 bulb, never heard of another kind of stock light.

i belive it is stock shell, but headlight must be different as it has a running light bulb to (not stock as i see it).hey cool link, while sniffing around the net this morn i found couple outer bulb sites and think i have tracked it down to bosch ba20d base 45/40w bulb. Hope the local auto parts store has got such a gem, can't wait to get that plate on her. cheers:ride:

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