Wash my bike.

Can someone come over and wash my bike this week?? i havn't got time, oh yeh and when you've finished can you change the oil and clean the air filter, oh yeah and maybe wile you're there you can check my spokes and tire pressures, thanks in advance. :)

Hook me up with roundtrip airfare and I am there ! :)


Why dont you get you loving "what do I wash my hubbies Booties in" to do it..

Or is she just tired of washing those stinky tech 8's of yours :)

LOL Ego !!!!!!

I already tried to get her to wash it, but she's scared she won't do it right and i'll start wingeing. :)

I washed my bike yesterday, I left it out in the rain. I came home last night and turned it the other way so as to do it proper you know! I still have to change the oil tighten the front spokes and put fix a flat in the front tire, but I multi task you know. I hung my nasty air filter out on the wash line while it was raining and now thats one less thing I have to do by Friday LOL, as far as my boots go,,, you guys wash your boots? :)

By the sounds of it, i may be the only one on earth that has a wife that washes all my riding gear every week, fills my camel back, makes my lunch and then packs it all into my riding bag.

I think that there are two of us. My wife washes my gear every time I ride, and she also packs my snacks and makes sure that my water cooler is filled. If she is not with me at the track, you can bet that when I come home, she will meet me outside and help me unload my gear from the truck.

What do I need to do to train my wife on these skills? She'll wash my pants and jerseys, but only if I get it into the laundry basket. Other than that I'm on my own. Luckily I have kids. They "help" me clean my bike, change the oil, wash the filters, etc... But, even that only happens when I "make" them "help" me.

You need to be good in bed. :):D

I'm good in bed.... Just ask me!! :)

So your wife washes your bike and gear then??

I have to wash ALL of my cloths...what does that mean? :)

Your in trouble!!!

Married guys try to figure out HOW to get their wives to WASH their stuff and single guys try to figure out HOW LONG they can ware dirty stuff before they have to thow it out and get new stuff :D :D.

Sniff Sniff, ohhewwwww, I think I need new stuff,,,, LOL.

I almost never wash my bike unless I am planning to work on the motor, and as far as my gear, dirt is like scars, chicks dig the stories!!! :)

Hey, its called Drit bike riding and not Clean bike riding.

Im tipping you are single then, married guys love it when there wives wash there stuff because it keeps there brain semi occupied for a minute and stops there gums from flapping as much so we can at least get half a break from the, have you done this?? and the have you done??............nnnnnnoooooooooo, well why not??.............. because it cuts into my riding time..............dear.

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