Wr Exhaust... 426 & 400

What is the difference between the WR426 and the WR400 muffler?? Can a WR426 muffler be fitted on a 98' WR400F?? :):D

I have a WR 426 muffler on my 99 WR 400. The only difference is the 400 muffler is made out of mild steel and the later 426 muffler is made from stainless steel, all mounts and everything else is the same. I don't have the 426 headpipe, just the muffler. Hope this answers some of your questions. Jim

That means WR426 mufflers are chrome? :) If so that will be nice to have...

Any comments on the ride with the WR426 pipe? :)

Don't think there's much difference between the older, painted, stock WR pipes compaired to the newer, stainless steel, slight lighter ones. Including performance. Basically just different finishes.

Is it chrome? :D:)

No, it is not chrome, but it's polished stainless steel which looks like chrome. I could't tell any difference between the two mufflers performance wise, or weight wise for that matter. It just looks nicer. Jim

NO, it's not actually chrome. It's a polished stainless steel finish. May look like chrome I guess, but it's really only polished. It won't tarnish either cuz it's stainless steel. Chrome would be too heavy. It's a coating that covers steel & whatever is being chromed has to be dipped.

I run an 02 YZ head pipe and silencer on my 99 WR. Huge difference in how fast it winds up. Great power, better than any aftermarket system I've tried.

The 02 and I believe 01 YZ system is pretty close to 1/4 inch wider than the stock 99 stuff.

Definately the way to go!

Mr Toyz

Sorry, double post...

So how... should I go with a YZ pipe or a WR pipe? I like the way the wr400f pipe looks... the spark arrestor can be remove but hate it because it get rusty. Love the wr426 pipe because of the chrome like finish... but the end can't be remove... how about YZ pipe??? Any comments? :):D

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