Something wrong with my bike

I don't know what happened. I mean, I woke up and everything was fine with it - nice and blue and shiny. It was awesome. I got it all ready last night. It was running perfectly. I installed the CFC case guards just before I went to bed. So I woke up, and I had a few meetings to go to. As I left the garage, everything was just as it was the night before. I got back from my meetings, changed my clothes, loaded it up in my truck, and it was the same. I can't understand what happened!

So a friend of mine with a new EFI ATV 700 - it was a beast, by the way - and I went on a ride today. We went up by the "B" in Bountiful, UT and man, I was loving life! I was way impressed. I must say, that the JD jet kit is worth whatever I paid for (thanks JD). The jetting was really spot on (thanks burned). I can't complain at all with how it performed. I loved it! We didn't get that far up there as the snow was still pretty low. We made it as far as we could on the trail, then we went down and rode Skyline Drive as far as we could go - which was to where the snow mobile trucks were at.

Anyways, now comes that part I can't explain. So I get it loaded, and then take it back to the garage, and now it has all of this brown stuff all over it! What is up with that? I really can't explain this brown stuff. It is all over my bike. My shiny new pipe is covered. The skid plate doesn't even look like it is made of aluminum, but rather some weird alloy of something brown.

Can anyone help me here? I mean, like I said, before my ride, my bike was just perfect - blue and shiny, almost spit washed to a T. But now, this brown stuff has overtaken my bike! What can I do? Any suggestions?


change your pants maybe?

change your pants maybe?

or change the meds... hehe

post a picture, Sounds weird to me :thumbsup:

Ha ha. This is a common problem. The only way around it is to keep the bike in the garage at ALL times!

i Just got back from a ride, I got the same problem? Im calling yamaha tomorrow. Maby there is a recall or something. My buddie was behind me. He said my bike made him brown too?

This is quite an entertaining thread,

I had a 2stroke where the coolant was leaking into the cylinder and created a brown goop.

For what it's worth.

LoL, jchurch, i think he means it got dirty, as in muddy, guess you never picked up on that, lol.

Same Phenomenon here!

Went out for a while yesterday and came back with brown stuff all over, however, after some testing, I've found it's water soluble.

Do they make tearoffs for the whole bike?

PS Sorry about that. Long winter in Maine makes me a little slow comming out of corners. Way to many pantsuits on TV. About to end it all and buy a Harley.


I leave the brown stuff on all year round. I change the brown liquid a couple of times a year. It's awesome.

Many homes in Amerwika have outside faucets. These devices have water in them, when you turn the little handle thingy, the water comes out.

If you have a friend help you, make your way to a store and purchase a long green or blue or sometimes grey thingy, often called a hose. You can attach it to that wierd faucet dealio and make the water go where you want other than have it spew out of the faucet all over your feet.

You can then put the water from the faucet, via the hose, onto your motorcycle and make teh brown go away. It's best not to do this in your living room.

Please call your local authorities for more information.:thumbsup:

change your pants maybe?

After the jetting that I just did, maybe this is correct! But I hope to remedy this problem before my trip to Moab (only 3 more days!!!!!!). I fear that it will only return. *sigh* But I guess that it is better than some other problems that I have faced!


Do they make tearoffs for the whole bike?

hahaha thats what i need, Mostly for the guy behind me.:thumbsup:

you guys are mean...

I keep and ride my bike covered in newspaper .

this works well if tied on with some thick rope.

If I run out of newspaper or rope i often cover my bike and myself in cling film.

If you are worried about your exhaust , smother the outside in grease.

hope this helps.

my bike only gets washed with spring water, Mixed with some flintstones chewables.

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