US or Canadian wr426 ??

I'm shopping around for the best price and I discover the best deal is on the Canadian model. Im not real sure about any differences. Is one maybe even better than the other?? The CAN. wr426 would be about $500 cheaper. What would keep a guy from going this route?? Thanks for any feedback....

Canadian :)

[ May 03, 2002: Message edited by: SoCalWR426 ]

Hey J.T. the Canadian model has a different muffler than the U.S. version which is less restrictive than the stock U.S. muffler but, it isn't USFS legal and you can't really do anything too it to make it much better.( Although I drilled and tapped eight 21/64 holes around the exhaust outlet and can tune the noise with 1/8 brass pipe plugs) The Can. model has no gray wire to pull and the throttle stop is already at the proper spec. The carb. is set up slightly leaner than the U.S. version also, which would be good in your area. Hope this helps your decision.

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