Is this normal? Oil Change Question

I was changing the oil on my 2003 yz450 and no oil came out of the oil filter drain. I know I may sound paranoid but i just installed a new stainless oil filter and I'm wondering if it could be a result of this filter not being right or is this normal?

Also if it makes a difference i didn't start the bike before changing the oil and if had been sitting for a few days.

If you did not start the engine prior to the oil change, it's likely that the oil filter well simply drained out. You did not say which SS filter you are using, and users of Ready Racing's filter and cover need to realize that the brilliant design of the RR cover makes it possible to install the filter backward and starve the engine for oil ( the end of the filter with the hole in it faces out )

It's also possible in about a week's time for the entire contents of the frame oil tank to drain into the crankcase, and have nothing drain from there when the plug is removed.

Do these ready racing filters have a large holes on both sides of the filter that fits that triangle shaped part on the cover? Sure does sound brilliant:bonk:

My brother gave me this filter and he ensures me that is good and i checked it to make sure it was the same dimensions as the old one, it was the same size only the back cover was different from the paper filter in that it is flat with only what looks to be a little ball valve.

The SS filters I know of are all modeled after the Scotts to some degree, and have no "seal" on the inboard end (it isn't really a seal, anyway). There should only be one open hole in the ends of the filter. The trouble with the RR cover is that they left the tab off that extends from the filter cover into the filter's oil port to prevent it from being reversed.

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