what size sprockets are you running on 03

I just purchased a 03 yz450f a couple months ago. Finally fixed all the little problems. Its time to buy new chain and sprockets. The bike has a front 14 and and back 50. Which I think is alittle big for the back. What are you guys running? Being that Im now the big 40 and running motocross and supercross style tracks whats the best gearing. Thanks

I've been really happy running a 47t rear. It's got lots of power to pull the 47t and it spreads the gears out, less shifting is always good on a MX track.

I was thinking 48 or 49 in the back. I just test rode the bike all weekend and way to much shifting. Also the punch on this bike is scary. If I don't roll the throttle and snap it I get myself in trouble. Takes all my energy just to control it. Guess Im out of shape. Plus havn't rode in 4 years. But the great thing is after 2 days of riding and all the aches and pains, I have a big smile on my face.

depends on what terrain you are riding

47 tooth rear for MX

48 woods

you will find that the bike hooks up much better with a 47 and that the lack of shifting is much better

I run 15-49 for MX/GP type racing

What is stock on a 2003 4 speed 450F?

14/48 is stock. I ran 15/49 on my '03 for most purposes, and 14/49 for smaller tracks and trail areas.

I have a 03' also. I am running 14/52. All I can say is hold on!

I'm runnin 13-50, mostly trails

I ran a 14-52 on soft dirt ( sand/loam ) mx tracks with only short straights like 175ft to 250ft at the most. I never really ran out of gear. longer tracks I ran 14-49. With the 14-52 set I will pull 3rd gear starts and pull mean holeshots with that set up.:thumbsup: with the 14-49 I could pull 3rd gear starts still but it would spin a lot though so it was better using 2nd gear with that set up:thumbsup:

I run a 13-50 and it hooks-up great on tracks. Not so good on tight trails.

I run 14/47 and the bike hooks up a lot better. I use it for all conditions including tight single track trails, it makes for some clutch abuse but you just gotta go faster!

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