07 wr 450, gearing change. any luck?

I am thinking i need to lower the gearing a bit on my 2007 wr 450. Ride alot of tight techical trails and slow rocky climbs. Anyone have a good gear setup? would dropping the front one tooth be to low? Maybe add one or two teeth to the rear?

Im coiming off stock 2004 xr 400, I got all the free mods done, Jd jetted, dr. d exhaust Plenty of power just sometimes i need a little slower speed in areas without the worry of stalling.

thanks everyone. Springs almost here in Montana fianlly and cant wait to get bike out for the first time this year.

dropping 1 in the front ,you will lose a few mph off the top but if it better suits you then do it . I went the other way with mine . I geared mine up . then put in a rekluse pro clutch for the tech stuff.

Hey this is good stuff. I was considering gearing my 07 wr450 lower, but I can't live with speed loss on the top end. A rekluse clutch is alot more expensive than a new sprocket, but practicing and mastering clutch control will make you comfortable in every situation--even without changing your gearing. IMO.

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