New YZF tank for sale

OK, OK, if you SoCal riders want your bike to look as cool as THIS one,


I have a NEW yellow Clarke tank and SDG seat that I'll sell for 75 cents on the dollar. I paid $165 for the tank (stock replacement size for YZF) and $89 for the seat (in plastic wrapper).



No, they have not even been bolted down. I bought them with the intent to make 'em fit on my DRZ400 - a pipe dream.


I was going to buy it, then I saw DRN on your front fender... Forget it buddy :) .... Just kiddin! looks great!


Awesome WR! I would like to make mine look like that but I don't have the funds right now. Did you buy the One Industries kit or mix and match?

The 426 belongs to Thunder33 (member #9323). You'll have to contact him for info on his bike.

If you want the seat/tank, contact me. I own the lowly Suzuki... :)

will the tank fit my 01 426? where do you get the rest of the yellow plastic for the WR? Let me know. Very interested.

SOLD. Try Acerbis for plastic in many colors.

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