Should I Do this?

Been pondering starting a company to manufacture aluminum skid plates and other bike protection. Do you think I stand a chance or is the market too crowded? Where do the current offerings fall short? If there were better (fitting, cooler looking) products out there, would you want them?

You could start by making something to protect the header pipe, mine has heaps of dents in it. :)

If you can make products that look as good as the CDR stuff you may have a chance. Check out the product review by Bryan under product reviews on the TT Main page.

If you can make a better product, you can charge the same or more than others...

If you make the same standard of product, you will sell them for less

If you make something different, then you have the market to yourself until the imitators start...

Good luck, I can tell you that running a business is a hard slog sometimes, if you want to make a decent living out of it... you end up spending half your time doing paperwork and marketing stuff, and not as much developing or manuafcturing...

You will need to look at your skills, the equipment needed, and if you have the support of your family and some money behind you...


Sure! If they are at least as good as the current stuff out there and with something extra. There's good stuff out there and some not so good stuff. Then there's the stuff that does it job very well, but leaves something to be desired.

For example, my current skid plate is pretty good. Protects the bike great, not too heavy, and has saved my frame and cases from certain damage. However, the fit isn't perfect by any stretch. I had to get a longer bolt for one connection and make a spacer to fill the gap between the plate and the top bolt location. When cleaning the oil screen I have to loosen everything to get to it and it's a bit of a pain. It's too big as well. Sticks out a bit too much on the front right and left sides. Much more than needed to protect the water pump and flywheel cover. The larger than needed size also catches a bunch on mud. Come home sometimes with gobbs of it and it takes forever to clean it out.

If I could design it to my specs it would be made of the same material, just smaller. It would probably take more fab time, but that would be needed to make a product that fit better and much more snug to the contours of the bike. That it itself would make expanding the line more difficult. Harder than it would be to take a basic template and cut the mounting holes to fit differing brands and models.

You could do it, just isn't gonna be easy. But when is anything easy?

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