OEM Tank Graphics

I just bought a Big YZ tank for my 04 WR and would like to get a set of OEM looking graphics for it.

I would hate to buy them and have them bubble and peal off in a week. I know none of you are running stickerless bikes. What are you using and are you happy with the longevity of them.And does anyone make stock looking stickies or do I have to support a company with their logo?

One Industries, Factory Effex, N-Style all make great quality graphics. Factory Effex makes actual OEM looking graphics, only difference is that they have their logo in the corner of it, but you can hardly tell the difference.. :thumbsup:

it will be hard to find some that dont discolor some. The trick is to find some graphics with very little or no white in the portion that goes on the tank. A good quality thick brand is good too

My 00 YZ had stock graphics on it when I sold it in 06 and they still looked almost new- the graphics on my wife's former 02 TT-R 125 were more yellowed than mine. Just take the time to prep the plastic well. I would also make sure to give the tank some "sit time" before putting the graphics on to make sure most of the gas fumes are out already.

I too am searching for tank graphics but I have the 2.3 gal. IMS tank and can't seem to find anyone with graphics for that tank? Or do people run stock/OEM graphics that don't cover the additional size of the larger tank? I think it would look bad if stock tank graphics were put on an over sized tank? Any commercial decal company that I have seen displays only pictures of stock tanks on bikes.

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