Hot start plunger

I recently broke the hot start cable screw (plastic nut-like thing that holds the cable onto the carb). Apparently, I have lost a part in the process of replacing the screw. I can find nothing in the carb to hook the small metal end of the cable to. For now, I have just left the end of the cable lying in the hole where it should hook into something and installed the new screw. So it should be water-tight and it appeared to run just fine for the 2 minutes that I tested it. I never used the hot start anyway. My 2 questions are: 1. Will this damage the bike in anyway? 2. What's the part called that I lost? (ans. hot start plunger?)

I thought the end of the cable has a lead ball on it that slides into a slot in the plunger part, to hold it together. Is the there any remnants on the end of your cable. Probably could melt on another piece of lead onto the end of the cable.

Thanks guys. I believe I've got it now.

Sounds like you have lost the plunger if there is nothing there to hook the cable into. Thats weird though because usually the plungers are a bastard to remove so to lose one dunno how that would happen - unless the o-ring that it seats in was perished or lost.

I removed the hot start cable from my bike after the cable broke and I also remove the plastic screw - then I filled the hole with silicone sealant and have had no drama at all since.

If the cable is just hanging loose in the carb with the plastic screw fitted I would be tempted to put some sort of sealant, maybe silicone to make sure the seal is good - actually no and better option would be to

Remove the cable and then seal the hole until you get a new plunger and o-ring, this will minimise the chances of any leakage.

Kind of the same thing has happened to my 06 450. I bought it used a month ago and noticed that the hot start cable was flat out gone. The black plastic piece that goes into the carb is still there but no cable and the last owner had taken the hot start level off. So our problems, do I reall need to spend the money to get my hot start set up back or do I need it at all. I would be riding in 90 degree weather.

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