YZ with flywheel weight -- Or not?

I'm going back and forth with the ever popular question yz or wr. The yz just feels better. This must be why everyone makes there wr feel like a yz. One of my ideas is to get the yz and add a little flywheel weight to help out the "flywheel effect". Forget all that other stuff because the yz has it. How much would this one mod cost me ?? anyone Know? Is this simple or major surgery ? Plus the YZ is 10 lbs ligher.

J.T., even on a WR the flywheel weight is an added benefit. It will help reduce stalling plus it seems to add traction without hurting performance. I don't remember how much mine cost. Installation is pretty straight forward. They usually come with instructions also. If you are doing mostly off-road stuff you may want to get a little heavier weight. I know some of the MX guys were adding them too. Check the YZ forum and ask there to get more info.

I think you will be happy that you added the weight. Good luck, Paul


I would have gotten the YZ, BUT it did not have the wide ratio trans I wanted. Suspension re-valving and flywheel are cake to add to YZ. But it is much easier to make a WR into a wide ratio YZ than it is to make a YZ into a WR. After all thats what I now have and love it!


The Terrycable flywheel weight kit for YZ's comes with three different weights, so you have lots of options to play with (I think they are 8, 10, and 12 oz. weights). The kit for the WR's comes with only one weight, so you have to decide which one you want. I went with the 10 oz. Either kit is $150.


Steahly offers a new flywheel with weight allready installed for $200

I got the 14 oz. for my YZ426 and love it

I like the complete flywheel because you dont need a cover spacer and an extra gasket

All so I didn't have to mess with bolting the spacer on the flywheel

I've heard of some people having a vibration with there weight

Mine if anything vibrates less

But there right about the transmission

I think the YZ gears are too close together


I like that idea alot. Just changing out the flywheel sounds perfect. Probably balanced too. Is changing out the flywheel easy??

:) You need a "Puller" to pull it off the crank, it may be that a tool hire place will have suitable one, failing that, start being nice to the local bike shop mechanic!

the puller costs about £5 JUST BUY ONE U STINGEY SOD :)

Originally posted by Mark_UK:

the puller costs about £5 JUST BUY ONE U STINGEY SOD :)

:D Hey, £5 is £5 ya know LOL! :D

ive had 3 or 4 bikes that i put a flywheel weight on.i cant think of any negatives to adding flywheel weight.makes bike so much more controlable throughout powerband.

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