2008 yz 450 silencer?

I want to put an 08' yz 450 silencer on my 07' I like how short they are. Will it fit??? And will it affect HP?? If it will work does anyone have one they would want to sell? There has got to be one out there somewhere.

you need the muffler and header to fit it on the '07. I will let someone else answer the hp question...

Don't do it! Those things are crap! I put mine on my '07 when I brought it back to the dealer after getting my '08. The thing robs HP bigtime. Do yourself a favor and save some $ up for a dubach pipe and forget about 'looking' cool with the new shorty silencer...it's junk.

Its nice and quiet and takes about 5-7 hp in the midrange. Don't do it.

Thanks thats what i was afraid of. Can you guys recommend a good silencer?

I was looking at an fmf Q4 are they worth it?

If you put an 06 endcap on your 07 it will rip. For aftermarket exhausts, the DR. D is hard to beat.

maybe try the FMF Factory 4.1 w/ megabomb header...

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