FMF Q2 Silencer Question

Searching the forums and product reviews turned up no information so here goes...

Just got the 2000 YZ426F I picked up running, and OMG this thing is loud! I knew I had to get an SA silencer for my riding areas but I also want it to be quiet. I was thinking of buying a FMF Q2. Has anyone installed one of these?

First check your muffler packing.

About how loud is the stocker with proper packing? Even though sound isn't controlled here as much as CA (yet), I'd like to be ahead of the curve and do my part to protect our riding areas.

The stock 426 was probably something like 101-102db.

The stock 426 was probably something like 101-102db.

That about what mine sounds like, just guessing (I don't have a sound meter). That is way to loud for use on public lands, it's not even legal for AMA racing. So no one has used the FMF Q2 yet? :thumbsup:

I've been using a Q2 on my 06 450 for about 1 year. I'm also using it with a powerbomb header. I had to rejet, once I dialed that in it ran great and it's quiet. I only use the bike for the track and it's been solid, in fact I've had buddies complain that I'm "sneaking up" on them and when I pass them they are surprised. I've got 50 hours on it and no complaints so far.

That what I want to hear.... or not hear as the case may be! :thumbsup:

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