04' yz450f Kick Starter Issue ...

My 04' yz450f has occasionally been making a odd sound upon start-up ... Kind of hard to explain the sound, but it sounded like a ratchet when the bike would fire up for the first half second or so ... Well, whatever the sound was, it has now let go ... The bike fires up fine with no binding or anything I can feel, but with a pronounced clanking coming from the kick starter area ... Is there anything in these bikes that's been known to let go in the kick starter assembly? ... I'm guessing it's not a simple spring issue, as the kick starter retracts perfectly ... Any pointers prior to me tearing it down would be great ...

Not sure about the clanking thing.

I would get the rachet sound if I kept my foot on the kickstarter after it started up.

Catastrophic failure update ... Initial inspection of the right side doesn't look good ... It would appear that the small tab that holds the kick starter assembly in place broke, and pieces went from there ... So far the damage list is that clip, misc. gears that are now missing teeth, and a really busted up oil pump assembly ... Time for a complete tear down to see what else happened :thumbsup: ...

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