Rekluse Clutch on 2007/2008 WR450


Hi, has anyone used one on the newer WR?

Ref my other thread I am considering getting a new WR450 cos I love the punch, but the bike is a bit over-powering in the slow stuff and this could be the answer.

Feedback welcome!


I have a rekluse pro in my 07 wr450 . it helps alot because I've got very high gearing for road use , so it helps alot in the tight stuff.:thumbsup:

OK, interesting as I want to raise the gearing a bit as well, what are you running? For me going from stock 13-50 to 14-50 should be enough.



I have a rekluse pro in my 07 wr450 . it helps alot because I've got very high gearing for road use , so it helps alot in the tight stuff.:thumbsup:

Doesn't lugging the motor with an auto clutch cause excessive heat build up? It's one of the main reasons I'm hesitant on installing a Rekluse. One of the reasons I like 4 strokes so much is the lug factor!

right now I'm running 15-44 on my supermoto setup . I run a 15 -50 with my dirt rims . and yes the bike does get warm when cutting a trail , but I mostly think that is the lack of moving air . I also have a vapor speedometer on mine . it has a temp guage and a warning light so if it does start to get hot , I shut it down . this has happened once , but I don't think it would not have got hot if I had been moving faster then a slow walking pace

I can't say enough about Rekluse auto clutches. I have one on my 04 WR450 and it turned my "handfull" of a bike into a MUCH better tight woods machine. I could never go back to standard clutch now. I'm running a 15-47 gearing combo and it's perfect for my dualsport type riding that I do.:thumbsup:

And no, I haven't had any heat issues since I've been running the Rekluse clutch.:thumbsup:

as I said before overheating is not a real problem if you are moving I only got my 205 temp warning light not the red 230 light . I just turned it off while I pulled it over a pile of fallen trees when I restarted it it read 145 , and I was on my way.:thumbsup::ride::rant:

as far as an engine oil cooler on a 07+ wr it is not a bolt on . I've made a external oil tank for mine out of a skidplate . But to hook it up you need to modify both the oil filter cover and the side cover by drilling and tapping them both . the side cover will also require the oil port going to the oil filter to be drill and tapped then blocked

Just to clear up a misconception: Having a Rekluse on your bike (I have one on my WR400) is no excuse for not being in the right gear for the speed - just as you should be with a regular clutch. If you are not in the right gear for the speed you are at, the clutch will just slip, which means you are burning up the discs/plates and generating a lot of heat. Having said that, when riding in conditions that requires fanning/slipping the clutch, as in really tight, rocky conditions, the Rekluse does that so seamlessly and smoothly, it's akin to cheating.

Thanks all for the replies.

Gonna give the bike a few rides and see how I get on, but have kept aside some money for a Rekluse as an option.


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